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Some guys like to fire off replies without thinking I see. No, a long vibrola will NOT fit on a G-310, and here's why, so pay attention, artards.


The G-310 has a bolt neck.


To make that work, the neck is inset by about three frets distance.


To keep the intonation, this means that the bridge and tailpiece have to be moved the same distance, about 1 1/4 inches.


This puts the bridge right about where the end of the vibrato wants to be.


Take a look at a G-400 Maestro and imagine moving the bridge by 1/ 1/4 inches:





...just kidding about the artard remark. ;)

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Even if it could fit, the price of the vibrola would be nearly as much as the cost of the guitar. The 310 is a good starter axe, but if you're looking to invest some money, I'd strongly recommend upgrading to at least a G400 and go from there. If you haven't tried one out yet, give it a shot. There's a very big difference between the two.


And Spud, that's a seriously nice axe you've got there. The custom shop case is a pretty nice touch too. I've wanted one of those for ages.

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Thanks for the kind words. Yep' date=' that logo came out nicely on there, although next time I might not make it quite so large...




I've seen the photo and few times and I have always loved your case, I love the G-400 as well. I guess I always thought you bought the case like that, I didn't realize you did it yourself. That makes it even more impressive! Very sweet.

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I appreciate all of the responses.


I kind of figured that with the bolt-on neck, that it was too long, which is why I asked.


As for the question why a G-310 instead of a G-400? Because I own a G-310 and not a G-400. Besides, I went with the Short Vibrola, which I ordered for $78. I only paid $100 for the guitar a year ago. As opposed to buying a G-400 and then buying a Vibrola, I think I still came out ahead.


Thanks again for all of the responses.

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