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Virus back it seems


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Yup AGP is alerting me all the time. I work as a computer tech (since 1997), and please, I do not think I think more than you, but please never, ever, ever, never click on any 'ok' button or crap like that in a pop-up window. If you're using IE7, utilize their pop-up blocker to the extreme, allow no popups at all. It will be slightly inconvenient, but an ounce of prevention....

And I'm guessing alot of you are very savvy with computers, so I had no intentions of talking down or insulting anyone's computer skills at all.

Also, download spy-bot (note the hyphen) and ad-aware (www.lavasoft.com)

use them in tandem, what product doesn't find, product b will. There are some cheesy software company's out there that are trying to mimic spy-bot's name, please be wary. It's also called spy-bot search and destroy. It's totally 100%, free, not shareware, not a demo, totally free. They take donations, but bottom line both of the afore mentioned utilities are 100% free. Ad-aware has some higher octane adware removers, but you don't need to fuss with those unless you want to.

I guess I am just trying to help here where others have helped me so much with my rebirth of passion for the guitar.

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I don't get any alarming alerts. Maybe because I'm on a Mac? However the last few days have been a pain to reach the forum. Windows content drawing slow. Adding replies taking forever. Maybe they're on to me?


Yea, I think it was the "Ricochet's Meat Pies" that appeared below the barber that tipped em off [-(

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