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I wipe mine down with Dunlop 65 for 1 minute after playing every day.


Dunlop 65 carnuba wax once a month, or on a string change. I'm about to dive into my guitar with the iron again to rewire the pots and pickups so I'll be re-waxing it too. Emory cloth buff the frets smooth and shiny, then clean and oil the fretboard.


One of the tuning pegs has a perfect circle around it; a string tip was dragging against the headstock as I tuned. If a wax job doesn't fix that (I waxed the headstock, it probably scratched the finish) I may need to get a Gibson lacquer pen and re-finish/smooth that area.

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It seriously takes me about 1 minute to wipe off my guitar...


Not me.. When I get down to cleaning and polishing, I fetish over it.. I usually do it up proper 3 or 4 times a year.. But not much in between.. I don't care about finger prints and I'll wipe the sweat off the strings/neck occasionally.. But my hands aren't real sweaty..

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I'm right in between on all of it.

I wipe just about every time, keep my rags for neck and body with each guitar.

(got 'em cheap at the dollar store.. always check the dollar store for soft cotton rags.. usually in the auto motive section.. big yellow things, last forever,very soft. wash but no fabric softener before using them)


when I clean them seriously, I clean them very well.

but polish is really not very needed.. a soft rag will do it so I don't use polish every time.

lemon oil three or four times a year.. very little.. at string changes.


I don't fret over scuffs and scratches, I just try to have a good habit about it all and relax.


If the guitar has a fingerprint prone kind of finish.. then I do the body a little more/better.

But my natural sheri. hardly shows a thing.. same with taylor acoustic.

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I didn't vote because I do a combination of the above.


After a gig I wipe the strings, p90s and pickguard. Mostly to keep the strings and the shiny pickup covers from premature rusting, and since my hand rests on the pickugard a lot, I do that too just for GP.


When I change the strings, I polish the entire guitar with Johnson's Paste Wax (Pure Carnuba - no cleaners) as it is much cheaper than the stuff made especially for the guitar and is basically the same thing.


About 4 times a year I apply lemon oil to the fretboard.


Other than that, I just play it.



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Anal....NOT! But, I do clean my guitars often, and polish as needed.

I play almost every day, 1-3 hours (or more, sometimes), and in clubs on weekends,

So, they Get Played! But, I take excellent care of them, too.

Consequently, most are in excellent, to "like new" condtion,

even though some are up to 30 years old...one being 54 years old.

I was, recently, playing a local club, and another musician, from a

different band, asked me if I had just purchased my Ric 12-string?

When I told him, it was 30 years old, he was amazed! So, I do

enjoy "babying" my "babies!" No doubt!



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