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does anybody have a vibrola


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Pete Townshend (the Who) used to have a short Vibrola.


Yeah but now he found some stuff on the internet to fix that...


The short vibrola is just the long one without the cosmetic plate and long bracket (that fits under it). Typically they put these on the SG Specials, which is what Pete played, with the P-90 soapbars. They also used something similar on some of the Melody Makers, but the SG Standard got the 'full-blown' vibrola with the fancy plate.

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im looking for a used vibrola for an epiphone les paul standard and want to find one cheap just for a nice mod any model accepted as long as its a les paul style vibrola.

Price range $20 to $60


Yeah' date=' I got a couple of vintage Epis with Vibrolas:






These are not originals, they're modern repos. I get them here, but they're not cheap. Well, they are if you consider what the originals go for. BTW, I like them a lot.


PS - Excuse the missing control panel on the Caiola, I'm in the process of making a new one.

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