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Need an opinion - Tortoise pickguard - YES or NO?


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Hey, Trying a new look, (immitation) tortoise on Eli? or Stock Black plain? NEED YUR opinions plz

This is the new look...Just $19.99 (To see how it looks)


http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/pickguard_es335.htm $19.99


http://www.wdmusic.com/gibson_reg_es_335_pickguards_28201_prd1.htm $59.99










had to make do for now until the part arrives, used a wooden plug for now, holds good, can't see it..




Survey Says....


Thnx you All...

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Why do you care what I think? If you like it, go for it? <big grin and a wink>


FWIW, I like it too. I think it compliments the color of the guitar very well.


Now if you can get some knobs that pick up one of the darker colors in the pickguard I think it will look even better.


Insights and incites by Notes

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i wonder how you make pickguards out of tortoise shells.....O:)


Well' date=' [i']colimodio[/i] did state it was imitation tortoise shell.


Don't know about the real stuff, but imitation tortoise shell is made from the unused parts left over when making Mock Turtle Soup


(ducking for cover)



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