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OT - Why I'm called "Strangedogs"

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Layboomo's Avatar is so cool - thought I'd share - currently we have 11 hairless CHINESE CRESTED adults - sold 4 pups this past week... here's a couple of adults and then 3 pup pictures -

My Stud Man: DON DIEGO



One of 8 Females... FOXYBARE



Assorted Pups





none of these were "clipped" that way - they're natural hairless with full furnishings ($800 - $2000)...


Here's some more pups that were all so cool...


Our "Sprig" napping @ 6 weeks (sold) - sprig fit in my shirt pocket until he was almost 14 weeks old - a TRUE "mini"


"Babybare" (actually given to a local Autistic 11-year old girl)


2 Slate Sisters @ 8 weeks (both sold)


Daddy & his baby boy "Diezel" @ 10 weeks (died @ 11 weeks)



Daddy lookin' "good" @ 56 'eh! We have had Cresteds for 10 years now and during that time have sold and given away literally a hundred or more pups. I'd keep em all if I could as they're all so cool. When I bury one I cry like a little kid and when they're born I'm like a little kid. They keep me young :-

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yeah - Dogs have always been my "buds". I was born and raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula where we raised Huskies and Malmutes (some Wolf Hybrids too). I feel closer to Dogs than I do most people... My 2 Grown Daughters always said "Daddy - I think you loved them dogs more than you did us". I always answered them "Dogs never did anything devious to me..." ](*,)

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I have never seen or heard of these dogs before. I think I like em. Heheh


How do they wind up with the different coats? Looks like some had full head cover along with paw and tail, while others look to only have the mowhawk and very little else.


Just natural selection?

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