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New Epiphone Model ?


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While in the West End of London recently I spotted the familiar batwing headstock of what I took to be an old Epiphone Coronet. On closer inspection I found that it was a new model described as an Epiphone Olympic. Apart from the general outline it wasn't like an Olympic but it was very like a Crestwood without the vibrola and with full size humbuckers instead of the mini humbuckers that would have been fitted on the old models. I don't know if anyone from Epiphone ever reads these posts but I would like to ask "what's the point". With the smaller pick-ups fitted it would have been a great re-issue of what was a very zingy sounding guitar but with the buckers it just makes it an SG with a different body shape. The smaller pick-ups have certainly been available recently as they were fitted to the Riviera. I also wonder why Epiphone seem to ignore their own history. Guitars such as the Sorrento, Crestwood and Coronet etc. were great guitars in their own right and I'd love the opportunity to own them. Also why not do a proper copy of the Les Paul double cut with a proper fixed neck.

Anyone else seen one of these new "Olympics"? I can't find any mention of it on the web site.

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