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Epiphone Dot at work


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While cleaning and sorting my backingtracks, I stumbled over this one... called Gospelblues (must have found it on the Internet)


My Epi Dot called... no sorting done anymore.

After a dry run I started recording and this (the larger part) came out.

A day later, I was triggered to retake the Starting part, I left out earlier and do a small retake on a mishap that was to clear.

I called it SE (Yes, because of my Cybertwin SE)



Has a familiar touch, maybe I should rename this song~~ to "Greeny shade of blues" in stead of using "Blues to be"


Blues to be... or...Greenish shade of blues


All recording is done with my Cybertwin SE, Epiphone Dot (lefty) and my computer with a EMU 0404 soundcard. I feel like this amp can do almost anything that I want. I love it, not because it sounds exactly like those famous (tube) amps, but just for what it is, a damn good amp, it prcisly fills my needs.


I'm Thinking of putting Elixir strings (.10) on my Dot, I have the string in stock (For my Tokai).

The problem is that I'm afraid of getting to much hights in my Epi's sound..

Any idea's/Opinions

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