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This is still available as of 2:45 pm CDT- elitist SG


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nope, it's the same computer scew-up that's been there all weekend...notice how

you can't pull down any kind of drop-down menu listing price or options, like black or red?

it's the same with all the revived items, when you add any of these resurrected epiphones

to the cart, you get:


Invalid Item Number, or Product Not Found


perhaps it was an easter fools day joke (ducks for cover)

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Dub, I was well aware of the computer screw-up this weekend, but I saw where they fixed it earlier today. Over the weekend, when you'd click one of those guitars, you got the 'sorry-this product has been discontinued' message on the next screen. You didn't get that when you clicked on this one.


I admit that I didn't click 'add to cart' on this sg since I own two already so maybe this was one that they forgot to take off, although they did seem to get all the other ones.

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