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wired up the sheri..


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Finally got around to working on my own guitar.

New pots, caps, 3 way and wiring in my sheraton.


The All Parts 3 way is the best one I've run into yet.. really solid..and look good? you bet!

even a gold switch tip. shiny too.. matches my knobs and pup mounting rings.


I watched the mojo tone video. and kind laughed. they left out every single hard part!

tickled me. nice info but.. if you've ever done one of these you know that swearing is definately part of the deal.


used a half dollar sized washer on a string to get the output jack through.


One of mojo tones vid weaknesses is not showing the stringing in more detail.

sort of a now that I've done that (off camera) deal.

can't blame them much, it's time consuming.


If you make your wires just the right length. and your solder joints solid. you only need two strings. one for output jack and one for neck pup tone control.. I could lift my tone control for neck pup by moving the pot shaft on the neck vol. control.. that vol and the other vol plus the three way were so stiff in the harness I just lifted them in with my pinky and small screwdriver.


Nice to finally get rid of that short! had a solder connection break about a year ago and haven't heard my middle position since.

well. now and then if I stuck a finger in and pushed wires around and then held the guitar real still.

no fun there.


looks good works good.. should last a long time, too.




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Glad to hear it's up and running. I never watched that video, but I looked at a thread here that helped me when I did my semi-hollowbodies. I also asked a lot of questions and got some good help and info from some of the guys here. I had to do my Dot several times before I got it right, it was the first time I had ever done a semi before. Let's just say I went to school on it.


I used the All Parts gold switch on my Sherry too and it is solid. I wanted to get a Switchcraft, but I couldn't find a gold one. I have since found them, but the All Parts switch will will most likely last and not need to be changed.

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I put a set of tens on it today. made a heck of a difference. readjusted pup height and pole pieces.

my dexter and blondy never sounded better.

dexter is my modded epi vj.


I have to start playing more and lose those 9s.. sheesh..

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