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Neck or nut width


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The Les Paul Ultra II neck was bigger than the specifications.


The listed nut width for most Les Paul models is 1.68”. The Les Paul Ultra and Ulta II are listed as 1.65”.


I checked an Ultra II on the show room floor and it was 1.695”. The Ultra II was also .007” thicker than the Ultra.


I prefer a thinner neck and question the production tolerance or if they occasionally use the fatter and wider neck from other models on the Ultra II.


I would appreciate a caliper measurement from anyone with the Ultra II guitar. I guess a ruler is ok but it is not as accurate.


Ok I know we are talking about small measurements here and small differences but I am picky about the neck size and shape. I like a flat neck and I do not like the width of the neck extending far from the closest string.

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you need to throw your calipers away before they get the best of you.


.045 is a bit, in string thickness..

but spread out over the width of the board.. that's .023 per side..

In order to feel that. blindfolded.. you'd have to Practice pushing your low e and high e strings off the fret ends at a certain point until your brain could remember it.


that would be called anal. *s* no offense.


and it has no effect on how flat anything is.. board or back of the neck.

and fender owners often buy new bridges with the string spacing narrower, because a common complaint is the constant pushing of a sting off the edge of the board because they're too close.


When I cut the nuts for my own epis, I make then just a smidge wider. because I prefer a little more room at the nut for my fat finger tips.

but in the middle of the neck this is hardly noticeable and causes no problems.


I'm not trying to be critical here.. just saying that's really a picky attitude you got there!


good luck in any event.

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I hear the comments and yield to the suggestion I am too critical. But, consider we are talking about a 36.6% increase in distance between the 6th string and the edge of the neck. I am assuming the added neck width takes place on the 6th string side of the neck, and it does. Holding one guitar and then the next I can certainly feel the difference. Now will this affect my playing? I don't know. On initial sampling I could hit all the chords and use my thumb on the 6th string frets. I also use the meat of my index finger on the 1st string for a 7th chord, as in the first fret C7 form. It is possible I might like this guitar better once I get used to it.


Consider that I have a Joe Satriani JS1200 and the neck radius is 9.48 inches. The guitar is absolute precision all the way and it contributes to my picky attitude.


If the guitar is consistently produced with this neck size then I will buy it and live with it. If the next one arriving at my retailer is slimmer I would prefer to wait. Overall this is an exceptional guitar and would be a significant entry to any guitar collection. If you can only afford one guitar then this is a wise choice.


All I want to know is the consistency of neck size from one guitar to the next. Based on the width of the NanoMag pickup it is possible all neck dimensions on the Les Paul Ultra II are the same.

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