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Epiphone G-1275 doubleneck (white) discontinued!!


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They've got one at Guitar Center in Matthews, N.C. if anyone wants to know.

The price tag on the shelf model is $899. I'm sure there is no case with it.

Doesn't appear to be used. They also have one in cherry red. Not sure if it's $899 or not.


Call and talk to Joe or Ethan in guitars.

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Bah. I want a vintage sunburst doubleneck Les Paul. Find anything remotely resembling that dream guitar ANYWHERE, with any name on the headstock...


I'm pretty sure at one point, Gibson made a doubleneck Paul for somebody, I've only been able to find one pic of it, small and grainy in the back classified pages of an old guitar magazine. It's a seventies rock guy leaning against a tour bus with it strapped on... Best I could tell by the headstocks, it was a Gibson. The guitar was white though, and I have no idea who the player was.

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