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Do You Have Names For Your Guitars?


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G'day Boys & Girls,


My first guitar a Yamaha classical nylon string I call "Yammy", my EJ300SCE acoustic/electric is called "EJ". My G400 is known as "Red" and my next guitar is called.....well you will just have to wait and see!


What about you? What names have you given to your "girls"?



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I have the *orange one* (Gretsch) and that *red one* (dot) and there's always the trusty old *black one* (Eric Clapton strat). The *sunburst one* is proving to be difficult (and natural too). Hmmm, maybe names would help after all.

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I've always named my cars and other major tools, but for some reason I've never named my musical instruments. I've thought about that, and the only thing I can figure is that I don't name them because they are an extension and therefore part of me. Following that logic, they are all named "Bob".

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My Squier Strat is nameless. My Les Paul Studio is named Princess Sally after a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book by Archie. I'm naming every Epi/Gibson I get after a girl in the Sonic comic, so following my naming system, the guitar I'd buy for my birthday/my Xmas present to myself would be either a Faded SG Special named Fiona, a Korina Explorer named Mina, or a natural Casino named Bunnie. If I buy any other brand I'm leaving it nameless and referring to it as "the (insert brand)".

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Yes, I name my guitars - even if they can't come when I call them. There's:


Baby (an ebony Dot Studio)

Pauly (an LP - after the beer)

Jay (Jay Turser strat copy)

Snob (Elitist Byrdland)

Pearl (Tele with '59neck/Pearly Gates Bridge)

Django (Eastman AR800)

Doc (Martin DR)

The Blue ***** (ES-137)

Hawk (ebony Blueshawk)

BJ (white Billie Joe Armstrong LP Junior)

Oscar (gold sparkle Switch Oscar Signature)

Boom-boom (EB-0)

Junior (Gibson SG Junior)

Lil'Christian (Epi LP Junior)

Red (Riviera)

Strings (Elitist Riviera 12-string)

Whitey (G400)

Sonny (Sunburst Trutone N2)

LBC or Little Brown Corvette (Gretsch G5235 Corvette)



Hmmm, I thought I owned more guitars?

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Geeze Gary' date='


How do you remember them all?


We've got 9 grandkids and if we get any more I'm going to have to ask for a list!




They're all well trained, just like my kids and staff, and answer to "Hey, you!" with the same eager anticipation as if called by their correct names.


And, Biff -- anytime you're ready I'll see about finding one for you. There was a black one in San Francisco Craig's List just last week, although the guy was asking more money for a used guitar than I paid new...Seriously, E.M.Shorts got me this guitar (I had to wait 4 months on the production run, prepaid) for something like $250 less than the big chain stores like M123. In fact, M123 recently had a "blem" that they wanted more than I paid new. They also saved me about $325 on my Byrdland below MF's listed price!


But to answer the question, most of them look like their names, or have some other strong memory attached to the name I call them.

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I know it`s sad but i name mine.


Blonde 83 Casino is "Cassie",very original!.

Wine Red 83 Casino is "Red".

Sunburst 82 Casino is "Hank"(when i bought it each of the first four neck inlays had a letter engraved,which spelt "HANK",got to be a story there!).

Sunburst 82 Aria TA-60 is "Mary",came from Krazy Louis`s in Maryland.

2002 Santa Cruz H14,is called "Lady",this one`s pure class.

And finally a 1980 Daion Heritage acoustic called "Old Faithful"that`s the one i`ve had the longest and use the most.


Incidently i`ve noticed old 58/59 Les Paul Standards seem to get named,like Stradivarius Violins do.


Some stars guitars have names,like Clapton had Blackie and Brownie,Paul McCartney calls his Epiphone Casino "EPI".


Almost forgot to mention my new parts Telecaster,which is bright metallic Green and named "Shrek"!!.

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I know it`s sad but i name mine.




Why is it sad? As you can see from this dictionary entry, doing things like naming your pets, or guitars, has been recognized as human behavior for so long that in 1845 a word to describe it was made up and put in the dictionary.




Main Entry:

an·thro·po·mor·phize Listen to the pronunciation of anthropomorphize





Inflected Form(s):

an·thro·po·mor·phized; an·thro·po·mor·phiz·ing




transitive verb : to attribute human form or personality to intransitive verb : to attribute human form or personality to things not human

— an·thro·po·mor·phi·za·tion Listen to the pronunciation of anthropomorphization -?mo?r-f?-'za-sh?n noun


It is my personal belief that only superior, creative, intuitive, sensitive, kind, caring, perfect-in-all-ways people name their guitars. Those who don't name their guitars aren't necessarily lacking in imagination, or humanity, so I don't hold it against them. (See "perfect-in-all-ways" description above!)

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I've always called my Les Paul Lester' date=' not real original is it? No names for any of my other guitars.[/quote']


Same here. My LP is "Lester", my Dot "Blondie", and my black Ovation is "Darth". For some reason, the other two are nameless. I'd better get thinking.

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