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Do You Have Names For Your Guitars?


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I don't name my guitars as a rule' date=' but I've called my main bass; a totally tricked out Fender Jazz "Betty" ever since I bought her... I don't even know why... She just seems like a Betty...


My girlfriend calls my Casino "Blondie" or "The Beautiful Blonde". But [i']I[/i] don't have a name for 'er...



So, is that like saying your mostly a virgin?

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Eh, what's in a name? There was a time in my yout' when I deliberately refused to date any woman not named some derivative of Suzy. Year and a half, 8 different Sue's, Suzy's Susie's Suzanne's, Suzette's, even a Sue Ann snuck in there at one point. That way I never got names confused between them, no matter which one I was with...

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Over the weekend I added a new "girl" to my harem, a gorgeous Casino in VS....more about that in a separate thread.


Like Frenchie I have called her "Cassie" but as he is in the UK there shouldn't be too much confusion.


And so the madness continues.



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Formal introductions are in order. L to R


No Name 5 String Squier Jazz Bass (no longer in my toolbox)

"Lou" - Black&Chrome Cort Source (basically a Dot)

"Pearl" - Takamine EG540SC Limited Edition

"Scarlet" - Fiesta Red Tokai TST-62 Strat (She will always be number one)

"PBJ" - JB Player copy of Martin D series flametop (My songwriting guitar)

"Jane" - Epiphone Elitist LP Studio VS Plain top (all plastic is now cream like a Slash sig. she's anything but a Plain Jane)

"Annie" - Squier Standard Telecaster Antique white


And here are my two boys tools I don't think they have names for them.




L to R


Epiphone SG Special, Galveston 7 String shredder, Squier P bass, Takamine acoustic

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