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Replacement pickup covers for epihone casino bridge and neck?


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Well... did you check the original covers on your Casino? Are they the same or different (I assume that you still have the original ones)? Otherwise, it makes sense that the bridge cover would be taller than the neck cover. Allparts sells a set of two covers in nickel, around $24 for the set (price may have changed) Part number PC 0739-001.

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Hi' date='


I'm in need of replacement pickup covers for my epiphone casino. This page gives me they are different sizes for brige and neck. Is this correct?




Where can I find good cheap replacements?




You don't want american when you need metric.

So there's a difference.

And if your casino is set up right. that is if you have the right pickups which would be differently spaced from bridge to neck. then you need two different covers.


the string spacing is wider at the bridge.. so the pickups have their pole pieces spread farther apart.. the neck position is farther down the string path, and the strings narrow toward the nut.. so the pole pieces are closer together there.


so, you need the right measurement.. metric/import size for stock casino pickups, and you need a bridge and neck spaced cover.


I am a WD dealer by the way. *s*

sorry for the spam.

They list 18.00 each, in chrome.


I can check my AllParts catalog and see if they're less there. Those are my two suppliers.

And I can deal with you, too. you wont pay list.


You can check ebay.. so long as you make sure you have the right ones, you may find used good ones, or even some new import or whatever..


I've never really looked to see what others are getting. Sometimes I see someone closing something out because I know it's below dealer cost. So it's worth checking around, always!



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