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How can I date my Casino?


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Hi all, I just bought a secondhand Casino from a shop in central London, just want to date and know whether its a Korean or Chinese made one. Its in immaculate conditions, natural finish, plays beautifully. Serial number R05030726. Can anyone help me?

Many thanks in advance!


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Your guitar was made at the

Peerless Plant' date=' Korea

March 2005

Production Number: 0726



My word, thank you very much for the quick as lighting reply! Good to know about that web site. I paid a slightly steep price for my Casino, and feel better that its a Korean rather than Chinese one, even if I understand that the MIC Casinos are very good.

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I've got a Peerless Casino made in 2000 and it is a splendid guitar.


I do hope you like yours as much as I like mine!!!


Can you post a picture?







Hope this works. I like it very much, but in time i will replace the pickups with hum cancelling ones, maybe P100s as I would like to use it in the studio as well as live.

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