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gfs vintage59 vs fat pat... in g400....zebras or chromes?


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the g400 is sounding a little thin..inconsistant....


so here is what i want--


better harmonics. better round tone. treble thats clear (not tin like). a bit more like my stock 96 gibson lespaul.....

from the research im doing, it sounds like the fat pat is a little better....


whats the real sound diff of these too pick ups? i like the bite of the sg a lot, but the g400 doesnt really have a lot of tone for my ears. id like it to be more rich and buttery i guess....


plans--- new pic ups.. a dressing of frets, bone nut and green keys.


slightly considering zebra in the rear maybe both cause they look sweet.. lol..anyone have a couple pictures of different color combos?

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Sorry don't know the answer but thought I'd give some input for what it's worth. I just got an Epi Les Paul Ultra II with the nanomag pickup and it sounds pretty damn good. I've played on quite a few Gibsons in my time and it really does sound pretty close to the real deal.


You might try the Alnico Pro II. It's what Slash uses and they do have a pretty good tone with good clarity but enough distortion to give you a fat distorted lead sound.


After looking for some new pickups myself and listening to quite a few, I think I like the sound of the stock pickups that came in my Epi Les Paul Ultra II better than a lot of other pickups (samples) I listened to on the Gibson website and looked at the 500T, 498, Burstbucker Pro, Alnico Pro II, and they really don't sound that much better than the stock Alnico Classics IMO with the exception of the 500T which just adds a little more gain and bite to the sound. I also went to Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio sites and after listening to the clips I think I'll just keep my stock pickups.


I think someone mentioned they made the pickups on the Ultra II a little hotter but didn't know if it was really true.

I have a Boss GT-8 multi-effects processor which can change the sound and tone up quite a bit by itself.


Hope this helps...some anyway...

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wow thanks!! i am probably not as set on fine line specifics as other people are. i dont know if its the thinness of the sg, but man the 400 stock just has a really undefined uneven hollow tone...



ive played it enough to know what i want it to sound more like.... there are aspects of the gibson that i dont like (what i call a kwok like sound, but i have grown to love it.... ) the best way i could describe it is a desire to have a more round tone...... like when you have a single coil guitar and you blend the neck and bridge pick up.... that ballance of tone thats perfect... thats what i want the rear to sound like...but with the gibson harmonics....

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I'm originally a Strat man myself. Last year I bought a 60s Custom Shop Strat and put some YJMs in middle and neck positions and an HS-3 in the bridge position and it has GREAT clear tones and distorted tones. Lots of sustain. I get a lot of comments on it all the time when I play it. Those are the same pickups used by Yngvie Malmsteen but the way I play isn't like him but I do get some killer leads out of the the neck and bridge pickups.


As far as Gibsons go I think they are more "tonically" accurate as far as notes ringing true on the fretboard. It seems like they resonate and sound more in tune and just have a different vibe. Though the Strat (for me) is far more versatile there is just a certain tone you get out of a Gibson that you can't get from any other instrument I've played. I always like to get the "vintage" tones or similar out of my middle pickups but prefer hotter pickups for the neck and bridge positions on any guitar I play. Just my other .02



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I asked Jay about the pickups a while ago and he replied with something like this:


"The Vintage 59 is both warm and clean, Burstbuckerish with a little more bottom end - The Fat Paf is more

Bursbucker 3-ish."


I was curious and got a Crunchy PAT for like $20. I was surprised and have been very happy (and the rest of the humbuckers I have are all Mean P90s). If I ever get bored with the current combination on the LP, I'll definitely get a pair of the '59s - albeit that day may not come for a while.

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I've got the 59s in both my g400 and my LP standard.I haven't tried the others cause I was that happy with the 59s

nice round warm tones with far more tonal clarity than the stock epipups,and no muddiness either. I may get around to trying a few of their other pickups too.The 59s aren't as loud(hot) as the stock.But IMHO they sound great. To me the clarity more than makes up for the less hotness.



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