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Bitmo or Standard "Princton" type tone control?

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If you're referring to the "Princeton" Tweed that's a 1 knob tone pot with the same cap values in parallel with the volume pot, then yes. They're both good, but they do sound different and each has it's own unique usefulness.


The BitMo tone pot is brighter overall, and provides a gain boost with the stock 1M resistors in R6/R7. To my ear, it imposes a Fender Blackface tone on the amp, whether it's Fenderized, Marshallized, or Voxified. This is THE tone pot for a 60's/70's Fenderized tone.


The standard Princeton Tweed pot will maintain the same basic tone the amp had before, except with the benefit of a variable brightness bypass cap around the volume pot. R6 and R7 are subsequently free for tweaking to get you any gain structure you want, or whatever general brightness you want by way of a cap (or not) in parallel with R6. This tone pot is best for Fender Tweed tones, or Marshall tones.


If you lean more toward the Voxy mods, try the tone pot both ways to see which one you like best. Actually, you should try it both ways regardless of what amp style you're building, and just follow your ears.



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