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Another Virus????

charlie brown

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Yeah, I noticed that, too! Thought it might be just my connection, as

sometimes, it's really bad, out here in the "sticks!"

Also, the "Trojan" warning, seems to have gone away, at least for now...

I was not getting it, on any other site I visited, prior to the forum, so

that's what the posting/question, was about. Well, we'll hope for

smooth sailing, from now on.



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Yes indeed. Started about mid morhing around here. I also was getting it at the Gibson forum. I am presuming that they use or are tied to the same IT servers. I did notice that in both instances it came just after they deleted posts on the Gibson forum that sounded more like spam from someone trying to sell his products (a rather lengthy list) as though the forum could be used as G-bay. Just coincidense? Whoever the miserable B****** is I hope they catch him. If not, I am glad to see they do seem to get right on it. OOPs spoke too soon, there it goes again. Think I'll take a break from the forum for a few days.

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I was on early this morning. I noticed that Customer Service was also on and then I started getting the notice. I tried to log off and it wouldn't accept that. BUT, being that C/S was viewing posts I'm sure they're aware of it.......J

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I haven't seen any notices or warnings on my computer, but I could not log in for awhile, and then it got to where it took about a minite to log in, and now at high noon on the west coast, it seems to be working fine with no trouble.

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I've never gotten any warnings on this site, and I have ZA Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software. I update regularly and do a complete system scan weekly.


The worst thing I ever find in a complete scan are some tracking cookies that I picked up the day of the scan. Since I flush cookies whenever I close Foxfire, they wouldn't stay there after the session anyway.


I'm curious.


For the people who are getting the warnings, what AV software are you using?


What is the name of the Trojan?


Do you have any other windows or tabs open in your browser?


I'm wondering if it is a false positive?


If not, I'm wondering if ZA is missing something?


When I used Norton Anti-Virus, it gave me a few false positives on some programs that I bought simply because they checked back "home" for updates. I verified this with google and the manufacturers. Then when I ditched NAV and installed ZA suite, it didn't flag the same programs.



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