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Happy Guitar day!

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I went to the local GC today to buy the nut for my special and try out some guitars. I tried out two Dots, but both were unable to be tuned correctly. I decided I didn't even want to bother buying a new Dot and getting it fixed before I got it home. So I played around on a bunch of guitars and decided on what I think is an SG 400. It had the wrong tag on it, and it only rang up for 299. The awesome sales guy also threw in a free Paul reed smith heavy nylon guitar bag!I walked out paying less than 350 with a new guitar, new gig bag, 2 packs of slinkeys, and one graphite nut. Anyway, heres my baby..she wails like a new born :-#/ Sorry for poor quality, camera blows.











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What a deal !! You should probably go back and look to see if there are more "wrong tagged" guitars.

Welcome to the G400 club! I have one in ebony and I love it!!! If I had paid $299.00 for it I would love it even more. Mine was $200 more back in '06 ! You lucky dog you.

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