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first post so hi to you all :)

thinking of getting getting epi lp custom poss in the next 3 weeks,

hopefully this weekend if i can swing it =P~ but have been reading that

rosetti are no longer the uk importers for gibson / epiphone ? .

wondering if anyone knows how this will effect warranty etc

also if i was to buy the guitar from somewhere like reidys where would

they be sourcing from and would it be official or would i end up with

a copy of a copy if you see what i's getting at.

love to hear if anybody has any thoughts on it



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Reidys are well established, they won't be flogging pirate goods. Their after sales service was good for me; they sent me a Marshall AVT with a faulty LED in the footswitch. They despatched a replacement by courier same day when I phoned them, and told me to keep the other one for a spare.


If you buy from Reidys or any other UK retailer your contract is legally with them and not Rosetti. If the guitar is in any way faulty when you get it, it's their responsibility to either credit you in full or replace.

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Never easy to know exactly what's gone off ...but it's odds on that Rosetti lost the distribution rights because the bigger retail dealers were buying abroad to get better prices. The distributor then loses his orders and consequently the buying power to shift the required amount of kit.

Gibson UK as part of Gibson Europe will take over official distribution. Prices are unlikely to come down though !

So little will change. The big powerful dealers will continue to buy stock from cheaper sources and the independent dealer still won't be able to compete. Just another chapter in familiar story I'm afraid.

I don't have much sympathy for Rosetti though.

Their prices have been too high down the years...through good times and bad .

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