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Gig Bag for a Dot?

Billybob Dylan

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Can anyone recommend a gig bag that will fit a Dot? I spent a fruitless couple of hours driving to GC and Sam Ash at the weekend, and none of the websites I've seen list the bag's dimensions.


If you know an online store, or maybe own one that you recommend, please let me know. Any help would be appreciated.

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I wouldn't recommend any gig bag for the Dot... semis are fragile.


I thought about a cheap bag myself but instead bought a Warwick RockCase for 50 euros (I have one in LP size, too).

After catching my 1.5 years old girl jumping on top the guitar case when I wasn't looking, I've been a happy man.


Check out Gator GL-series lightweight cases (comes with carrying straps, see below), they sound like a good compromise. Would have gotten one myself but didn't find a local dealer.



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