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Hi. Please help. I bought a Les Paul Studio Chameleon from Sweetwater and it had a couple bubbles on the control knobs. They shipped me a second guitar, but paint was worn off on the sides where the neck meets the tuning knobs. What would you do ? My kid loves the shifting paint and uses the guitar as a way to create songs and write little jams (primarily a vocalist). Sweetwater said they would ship out new knobs and have a local luthier fix it; however, I feel like I need advise from an experienced mucisian that can be straight forward.


Also, being the dork I am, but a good techical, kind, will massage your feet kind of dork, is there a place that gives a tutorial of how the control knobs work with the pickups ? (I hope I created some laughter out there...) I do know how to tune the guitar ;)


Thank you in advance,


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