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Looking for a truss rod cover. . .


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Looking for a 50mm x 19mm 3 hole 'Gibson' TRC to replace the one someone chopped on my Spotlight.


I can't find them online anywhere, and the guy who may have them on the bay looks a little too confusing for me. lol


If you've got one, and would be willing to part with it, hit me with a PM or email.


Here's what it looks like chopped up.



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Thanks Hiflyer. That's actually the guy I was referring to above.


The thing is, he doesn't specifically show the 'Gibson' one in the size I want. He mentions in the auction that you can give him specifics, but then he charges a few bucks more.


I don't really mind spending 20 clams for one, but was looking to see if anyone here might just have one laying around they'd sell me.


That said, no PM's for me this morning, so I reckon I'll go ahead and email him.



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