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What do you know, it worked!

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I'm sure you amp guys already know about this, but for the sake of people like me who didn't, here we go.


I was reading all of the posts about changing the b+ voltage and adjusting the AC to the heaters because the VJ was

intended to run between 100 and 115 volt AC. I thought, however, that if there was a way to safely lower the 125VAC

in my house to within specs, that would be the way to go since it would change the entire voltage instead of just part

of it. So I got on google and found the link bellow.





I just got my transformer today and wired it up. My VJ has only seen one change from stock. R6 and R7 to 100K.

I have to say that the instant I started playing, my wife perked up and said "is that your new amp?" to which I said with a large grin on my face "why yes, honey, it is!". It made the amp (a VJ combo) sound fuller and dare I say louder

at the 1/4 volume mark and much more responsive....and we thought it made a difference when I changed the resisters before! Now all I have to do is go in and tame the muddy lows when cranked up and it will be (at least to me) perfect.

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P.S. Be careful if you do this because, like a bonehead I wasn't paying attention and hooked it up backwords the first time,

and sparks flew! It didn't harm anything though as I was on the plug within a split second. Then of coarse since it can raise or lower voltage I had the secondary hooked up to increase voltage the second time around(I used a volt meter

to check it before going to the amp) so I had to swap those wires and there I was, 12.6 volts lower than house voltage, no sparks and all was right with the world. I used a 12.6 VAct with 3 amp capacity because I have an old

Stomberg amp that I like and wanted to run it at an appropriate voltage too.

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