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SG-400 Input Problem


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Sounds like a SG-400 output problem. Go to Epi's web site, click "service", click "tech support", click "wiring diagrams". There's no specific one for your model but I believe most 2-pickup/2-volume/2-tone guitars are wired the same. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong.

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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Epiphone SG-400?

When I plug my SG into an amp it wont play. I already checked the amp and the cords and it is not them. Any help?



Shortly after I got my G400 (1st guitar, too), I thought I had some electronics problems when it failed to output.

After a couple of panic-y phone calls, and an email to Gibson service, I learned different -


Center the pickup selector switch.


Make sure both pickup volume knobs are set to a non-zero value.




If either volume knob is zero, there will be no output.

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easiest thing to check.. the output jack..

typical place to have a wire disconnected.. the output jack..

easist thing to fix.. the output jack.


remove the thing. see if the wires are connected.. make sure they don't short out somehow when you reinstall.. check for tiny little wire strands that may be touching hot to ground or shield paint if it has it.


second thing to check.. remove control plate..

you can see the wiring and tell if anything is disconnected..

typically you just have a wire that's shorted out. those tiny strands.. or a wire that's come loose..


use the diagrams provided above to check all paths.. it's pretty much common sense and you're just looking so there wont be any mishaps



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