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Stereo output on an Ultra II


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Hi all.


I've had my Les Paul Ultra II for a few weeks and it's time to figure out how to get proper stereo output working. For now I'll put the nanomag out into my mixing board for recording, but I hope to get an acoustic amp to play around with soon.


I'm confused as to whether the nanomag output jack is mono or stereo - the writing on the cover seems to suggest that stereo is achieved by using a cable each with both outputs, but the specs on the web site, "1/4" mono, 1/4" stereo" seem to suggest that one of the jacks is stereo itself. Can anyone shed some light on this?


Either way I'm not sure I want to have two cables snaking away from me, a single stereo cable would be more convenient. And then there's ABY boxes and so on... can anyone who has played around with an Ultra II give me some advice? Thanks.

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