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Musicians Friend 48 hour sale email


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Anyone else get the email from MF about calling their VIP phone number to get the extra super special discount on stuff? I was just curious if anyone actually called and used it or not, and if so, how good the discount was. I'm not in the market for anything right now, but if the discount was good I'd probably come up with something somehow lol. So if anyone used the code etc.. I was hoping for some info on it. Don't want to bother calling if it wasn't worth it, and just curious if you guys found it worthwhile. Thanks!

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Well, it's been my experience, in the past, that MF prices "on sale,"

are still more than some smaller dealers, "regular prices." E.M. Shorts,

for one, in Wichita (KS) consistantly sells for less (sometimes hundreds less)

than MF, even with their "sale" prices and extra discounts. The only thing

with "Shorts" is that they sometimes have to order, it (as opposed to having

it in stock), but the pricing isn't effected, just the timing, a bit. They will also

set it up, and restring it, with your choice of strings.


Call Drew...(316) 684-6252


And, No...I don't work for them, but have been a very satisfied customer,

for years!




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Stumblinman.....thanks for the info. What exactly is the special discount you receive for calling with the info you provided? Is it some set percentage off? Are there any restrictions?



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That's just it Rob, I don't know. I think I'll just call and find out lol. I just got the email today, and didn't know if anyone else had taken advantage of it. I was hoping for firsthand information on how much you would save, but since nobody has used it, I'll just call and let you know.

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