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Bridge P-90 On G-400


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what do you mean how it worked out?


they have them in humbuck size so they pop right in.


I use p90s on two of my epis and I love them for the neck position..

the mud is gone.. the clarity is great.. the highs and mids are much better to 'my' ears.


they sound good with a humbuck in the bridge, too.

I've been thinking of a humbuck in the bridge on my studio with the p90 at the neck but I haven't had time to wire one in yet.



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I'd be worried about putting a lower-output pickup like a P-90 in the bridge position with a higher-output HB left in the neck. Usually you want it the other way around; I think TWANG's approach of changing the neck pickup for a P-90 style makes more sense, as evidenced by the success of Gibson's BFG model.

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I should have noted. thanks rotcan.. that the KA's come in two models. one of which is higher output.


9K will keep up easily with any vintage output humbuck.. not a very good match if you're running what seems to be typical nowadays, higher output.. around 13K.

If you have a 8 or slightly above K neck humbuck, the 9K p90 will be a very good match.


Another thing to my ear is the difference in p90s when close/far from the strings..

it's worth some extra diddling around to find the sweet spot on a p90 and in my experience it takes more diddling around, too.


But you can compensate for volume differences and get very good sounds from a combination, too.


The think about high output humbucks to me is they just don't get the tone I want.

epi seems to be using higher output almost all the time.. so measure your pups with an ohmeter and take that into account.

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Today, I put a GFS Mean 90 in the bridge position on my G-400. Leaving the stock Epi 57HB in the neck position. I now have that nice chime of a P90, a great sounding combo (57HB & P90) together, and the vintage 57HB by itself. WOW!! Like having a new guitar.



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