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Not sure how many of you guys are into this, but I'm really enjoying my modeling gear through the Vj. My POD XTL and Variax 700 really come alive with this amp. My JTM 45, Dual rectifier, and Hi-Watt 100 models are outstanding. Not sure how it stacks up to some of the mod's you guys do, but for versatility you can pretty much go anywhere with tone. My variax pretty much stays on the Rickenbacker 360 setting these days along with some Les Paul and tele. Even my acoustic settings still sound good on the POD's preamp tube setting (I usually run those clean through my PA). If your on a budget and aren't electronically inclined a good multi pedal and a VJ will give you a true hybrid set up and spank the vast majority of SS amps out there. The Vj added a layer of tone I was missing when plugged into my SS amps.

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