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Les Paul electronics 101 please


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I'm deconstructing an Epi Goth LPStudio (my first LP) and getting a little confused. I always thought: 1 knob for Bridge volume,

1 knob for Neck Volume; when the selector switch is in the middle, you have to turn down both volumes for the guitar to

go quiet, but that's not the case with this guitar. It seems the volume pots are coupled, so turning down just one of them

makes both pickups hush. Is this "standard" LP wiring, or some kind of variant? Is this more desirable for some reason?


Also, an informal poll: .047 or .02?



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Yup. That's how they wire 'em from new. Turn either one down (master) and it shuts off. I've rewired all mine for independant control in the middle position. Just my preference, no better, no worse, just different. I dunno why they wire 'em like they do.

0.022 (FWIW, I have 0.015's in my epi bridges).

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'standard' wiring; either volume at '0' provides a ground path for the other pickup:




You can modify this by swapping two lugs around on the volume pots (leave the grounded lug alone) so that the signal encounters the full resistance of the 'zeroed' pot:



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