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Well, I just flogged the third one of these babies and I feel it's time to sing the praises this guitar deserves.


The temptation is to compare it to the Special II since they both fall into the same price range, with the EM-1 about $30 more than a Special II in Canada right now; however I'd but this thing up against a G-310 or an LP-100 any day of the week.



Basically the same 650R/700T ceramic pickups as any other entry-level Epi but that's where the resemblance stops. The neck is far superior, with a rosewood over maple construction, sharply angled headstock, diecast tuners and 24 (count 'em) frets. The fretwork has been excellent on all three examples that I have seen so far; in fact the fit and finish is superlative throughout. The body is nice and thick and is made of alder, a very popular tonewood as used on Fender's American Series instruments and a big improvement over plywood. Another nice touch is the 'through body' string arrangement which does away with the stop tailpiece and provides excellent coupling between the strings and the body for great sustain. The ones I've been looking at were made at the Samick Indonesia plant (SI) and it looks as though the Samick quality is alive and well in Indonesia.


If you're willing to break with tradition and get a guitar that doesn't look like an el-cheapo Gibson clone, the EM-1 may be for you.


Now if only there were more colour options besides black! (And Epi needs to check over the grammar of that last line of the description) :-

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I was wondering about those.

I happened upon a NOS one from the 90's? in a music store while I was on vacation.

I don't remember if it was set neck or bolt on but I belive it was a red metal flake.

The price was too high in $300 to $400 range but i figured I didn't have the hair anymore for a guitar like that...

I'll have to check one out the next time I'm out and about.

Thanks for the good review, spud.



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What a coincidence! Ijust clicked on the old eBay and what do you know, there's an older sunburst EM1 for sale.




This is one of those cases where they think they've got something rare and therefore valuable but the two are not always equal, are they?


Ah, the lunatic fringe.....

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I have a feeling that the original EM-1 was a more 'upscale' product in the Epi line; the current version is definitely an entry-level instrument although it is a fine piece of work even so. The current upscale version of course would be the new Prophecy EM-2.

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OP, thanks for pointing me to this post. I was looking for a review of this guitar here the other day, but didnt find it. This somewhat answers my question from my post. If you give the EM-1 this much praise, then the EM-2 should be killer.

...and I was worried about it comparing to the G-310!


Thanks alot!


Also, that EM-1 on ebay is beautiful. I love the reverse haedstock. Definately more upscale than the current EM-1's.

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