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Chameleon Pictures?


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Does anyone know where I can see some "non stock" pictures online of the Epiphone Les Paul Studio Chameleon? I was on ebay and saw one...but the pictures stunk!! But I didn't realize it was a high gloss finish!!! It looked like it was a flat finish in all the pictures. So.....if anyone can link up some pics that would be awesome!!!

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See the button with the link of chain next to the utube button above the font stuff? If you click the button TO THE LEFT (postcard picture) you will get a pair of bracket sets that won't display by themselves:


Paste the web address of the picture you want to post IN THE MIDDLE of that, like this: (Ignore the ... which was added to make the entry print here without showing the picture)




and continue. When you review, it will give you the picture. The picture must have been posted previously to a web hosting site. Many of us here use http://photobucket.com.


Some web hosting sites list different address formats - if you copy the Photobucket "IMG Code" address, you can paste it directly into the body of your post without all that crap up above because it already includes the SunburstwithRoses.jpg

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