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PU Change on my Epi


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Yes, one SD Alnico Pro II bridge pickup in the bridge and one SD Alnico Pro II neck pickup in the neck.

The pole spacing is different on bridge and neck pickups.


btw, I wonder if the guy who's name sounds like "splash" influenced your pickup decision? :) Don't forget the hat

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-You might want to measure the string spacing at the bridge before you buy the p'ups. Mine has DiMarzios in it, but the bridge p'up is the F-Spaced version, the same thing as Duncan's Trembucker. Here are a couple links that shows extreme closeups of my guitar. The first one is a larger pic of my sig pic. The second one gets right up on the bridge and p'up. You can see that the strings are perfectly aligned with the bridge F-Spaced p'up. Measure first, then buy. You'll save yourself some grief.







Matt D.

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