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Maybe because he wants to start new with a thread showing he has grown up a bit=d>

13ygman I think you are doing good!

I know the covered pick ups look good, but I gotta say I like my open H/Bs on the Studio. From what I have heard on this and the old forum taking the covers off and putting them on can be a chore and not always with the end result being the best.


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I say.. ignore the people being nasty to you.

You aren't evil or something. sheesh.

I couldn't find any metric covers.. just usa sized..

I'm still looking though.


worst problems I had by the way were getting covers to match gibsons!

I had a set of 490R and 500T.. and couldn't find any covers which would line up with the pole pieces.

so whatever you find.. make sure they have a return policy that's fair in case they don't fit.


I'll keep looking.


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This place has Seymour Duncan pickup covers for $12 each:




I bought a cover for my Squier '51 humbucker for $9...it was probably cheaper because it has no holes (no adjustable pole pieces on the pickup). I can't remember where I got it from, but I found it by googling "humbucker pickup covers".


Keep in mind that pickups can becaome microphonic when metal covers are put over them, unless they're potted with wax...which is an entirely different subject altogether.


And thanks for changing your sig...

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There are also covers at stewmac: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Hardware,_parts/Electric_guitar:_Covers_plates/Covers_For_Humbucking_Pickups.html


If you're just going for a warmer and darker tone, as Twang suggested, you can just swap the capacitors on your tone pot. I think people recommend 0.047uf for darker tone. You'll want an electrolytic capacitor - at radio shack they usually have one that's shiny green plastic.


As for cost, though, it depends. If you need to buy a soldering iron and solder in addition to the capacitors, the price might be about the same. Good luck!

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Having different guitars i'll have to adjust my amp to get the sound i want.

With my Wildkat i use less bass and more highs then with my Fenders.

Try turning the tone pots down on your guitar a little, or set the volume pots at about 7 to 8 and

go to 10 for a solo.

Turning down the volume pot takes some of the highs away.

Nice you cleaned up your act.



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