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three guitars from epiphone's past that should be reintroduced


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Well the Sheraton with the NY minis are still made but are of the Elitist pedigree. The John Lee Hooker model had that Tail piece while the Elitist has the Stopbar configuration.

My Elitist Sheraton:










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Riviera, Riviera w/bigsby, and Rivera with stop bar! (natural, faded cherry, royal tan, and vintage sunburst)

Elitist quality, appointments...i.e. correct body shape, and headstock inlay.

Actually, a full size humbucker option, would be great, too...for those who prefer it, that way.

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why aren't these made anymore? I know' date=' I know...

come on epiphone, acknowledge more of your past



Sheraton is still made....


Oh yes, the Excellente! Now THAT was a dreadnought par excellence!

Had that D-28 sound from a well-known-dreadnought builder.

The Frontier shown has a fancier pickguard than the earlier models which

only the standard pickguard with the "e" logo. I see that Epiphone is

now making their version of the Dove, another fine dreadnought...

uh-oh..these are acoustics..shouldn't be talking about them in this forum.

..ok quick...the rest are Texan, El Dorado, Frontier, Troubador (silk and steel

version), Cortez and Caballero (entry level)...pronounces Caba-yero.

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