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G-310 update


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First thing I did was remove the speed knobs

too close together, and too big.. made vol/tone changes very clumsy and uncomfortable.


Put in UFO knobs, same cosmetic. black and clear with white numbers.. but the smaller top.


excellent. Epi should do this on the G 310 or anywhere they have pots that close.. this lets you turn any pot with

confidence and speed, and it looks every bit as good.



Then I gave it a good play.. used three amps.. two effects devices..

adjusted and retested and adjusted and retested..


Pulled out the pups... ceramic I believe, measured their output, marked them on the back.


Slipped in a set of Alnicos from my Epiphone Studio LP.. set of Orange Drops for good mojo..

ahhhhh! much better..


the highs are all there.. the lows are better, the overall tone is not only better it's quite good really.

the strings suck but that's ok.. I'll do them last.


So that's not very much spent in upgrading, but the tone is definately superior.. it's easier to use the pots..

and it looks pretty much identical to stock.


The output jack was crap, however. The only thing I found 'wrong' with this guitar.*

It has the type of jack that has a flat side on the threads.. I hate those things..

In this case it's really dumb because the top was so thick in relation to the length of the shaft, it barely came

through the top.. you could get the washer on and do maybe two turns..

with that goofy flat spot and all the contortions you have to go through in order to get your nut on level..

you can strip this thing in no time.

1/2 twist and you're done.


So I pulled that out and replaced it.


Tuners.. I was thinking about grovers but honestly, this set is so strong and smooth.

I think you can get a good set of stock epi tuners.. my sheraton is 15 years on it's original set with no

problems.. so I believe I'll leave these alone and play them out!


Next up.. level crown and polish .. already cleaned and oiled the board.. new set of strings

and done!


perfect little player, with very good tone, nice looks and not much money invested either.


then on to ebay and see what she'll sell for.




not entirely true. there was at least 12" of extra wire length in this thing.. solder connections were all good.. but the wire itself was insane.

For instance. why would you leave 6" of wire, to the output jack, so much that it had to be looped!.. and not only do

that, but cover the two wires with a long piece of shrink tubing..


I cut that piece out, saved all the tubing.. they didn't even melt it all, just one end.. ran 1 1/2" to the output jack and got myself some spare wire and shrink tubing for the trouble..


To Epiphone


I'd say.. longer shaft on output jack

tell workmen to quit wasting wire and shrink tube.

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Epiphone to TWANG: ???/??? ??/??

Babel Fish Translation :

Chinese : ???/??? ??/??


to English:

Northern Mandarin dialect/north ?Mandarin/official ?


Hmmmm, now that's a strange thing for Epiphone to tell TWANG (insert clever emoticon here, beings as this site has an incredibly paltry selection to choose from .... not even a freaking wink, for cryin' out loud !!!)

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I for one think epiphone reads these forums.

I think they read other forums, too.

I think that's evidenced in the changes made to the epiphone valve junior amplifiers.

I doubt they will bother with my comment.

For one thing, the cheap jack will do..

for another, it's probably cheaper to waste wire than save it.


I only wanted to say, these are the biggest problems it had, and obviously, they aren't much.


I thought the chinese bit was funny.. and pretty much right on the money.

I thought RS was funny, too.


in other news I wired something wrong in one of my vjs, and it got so hot the solder connection melted on one of the resistors.

whooeee. we's having fun, now.




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