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Help needed to identify a guitar


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Hi all.


Can anyone tell me what kind of epiphone guitar is that (sorry for the pictures quality, larger images available by clicking on thumbnails) :


full1.jpg full2.jpg






Serial number is S5049089, according to serial number identifier, it was made in 1995 in Samick plant, Korea. What model is it ? Is it a fake ? What is it worth ?

Thanks for your help.

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It appears you have a double-cutaway Les Paul Special...


There are some people (myself included) on this forum that would very much like to have that guitar.


Two soapbar P-90s


There's one on eBay right now around $300 with a few bids. It's TV Yellow, which seems to be a popular colour, but the price will be around the same.

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Hey pohatu771.


Thanks for your quick reply. The only DC Les Paul Special pictures I could find were Gibsons. Are the Epiphone supposed to be exactly the same ?

Check this one for example :



On mine, the pickup selector is not located near the volume controls but close to the top cutaway. The bridge is different, and the pick guard does not have the same shape.


Could mine be a fake ?

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No it's not a fake. At first glance it looks as though Epi screwed the pooch on that one but apparently there were some Gibsons that looked like that; here's a short-scale version that John Lennon had:




I think I found a pic of another one with the full scale neck once but I can't find it now.

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Thanks RotcanX for your reply.

Do all the Epiphone Les Paul special DCs look like mine, or did the newest take the same re-modeling as the Gibson ? Would mine be worth any extra money due to its particuliarity ?


Btw, it's just sheer curiosity. Unfortunately for those of you who are interested in buying one, I am not planning to sell mine.

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