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Hi.. I have an Epiphone El Capitan 5 fretless, with an electar epiphonic six preamp.

I would need to change just the connector part - XRL and jack -, because of some noises.

How can i find this component? There is a sign on it : SHADOW LHZ, but i dont know how to find it and buy. Can u help me?

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Shadow connectors are made in Germany, however they have merged or amalgamated

their North American distribution with ITT-Cannon. If it is an "bog standard" 3 pin

XLR microphone connector, then there are second sources as well..Switchcraft do make a 3 pin

XLR type as well as Cannon and Amphenol, etc. If you are in the US, Sweetwater

carry Switchcraft connectors and parts and can mail order to you.

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