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Firebird machine heads


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Where can I find out the actual size (shaft/hole diameter) so that I can find replacements? They are VERY close together as well and I think I found the ones that would work as far as overall size is concerned. I'm going with all chrome hardware, and the Grover GX1241 mini's seem like a good alternative. The Grovers are .391 = 25/64 drill bit. Here's the guitar they'd be going on.



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does that have kluson type tuners.. with the square shape on the back of the headstock. screw holes in the middle..

If they are Klusons with that button are available.

Grovers minis fit on lp100s, g310s, and lp studios.. and I'm sure they'd fit on yours, too.

It's a question of screw holes lining up..some guys I sell to are picky about that, others just want a different set of tuners or brand and don't care.



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