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While waiting on my new junior...


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I decided to break out my old one,just to tease myself a bit LOL.

I don't think I've ever posted a pic of it all put together,with the pickguard and new tuners.

I clear coated the Zakk Wylde auto. Just so It could be there and not rub off.



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I wish I had a good one,but the guitar came with it,the place I bought it from said they thought "someone from Ozzy signed it." So I didn't get it in person, but I know it was done in silver sharpie,I accidentally wiped out a number on the date.


I mainly got it cause it came with a hard case,but after comparing the sig to online auction items signed by Zakk,I'm pretty sure its real,and just adds a little mojo to an already cool guitar Just MHO.

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