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if you could have any Gibson model turned into an Epi' date=' which one would it be?[/quote']


You've got to be kidding. Love may be blind and loyalty is all well and good, but this is nonsense. Why not ask: if you could have $1000 bill turned in to a lower denomination which would it be $1.00 $2.00 or $5.00?


I think anybody in their right mind would rather have the Fiery Godmother use her magic wand to turn any Epi into Gibson Custom Shop model of choice...Make mine an ES-339 please.

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I don't think the question was "If you had a Gibson, would you want it turned into an Epiphone," I think it was more along the lines of "Of all the Gibsons you can't afford, which one would you like to see Epiphone re-create?"


I would have to say the ES-345. I know Epiphone makes the B.B. King Lucille, but it's not the same. Lucille doesn't have F-holes, which I'm quite fond of... and only comes in black.


I wouldn't object to an ES-339, though.

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