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You and your Epiphone in action! (closed)


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The Extreme Ironing Bureau got me thinking...



A contest for the bold and adventurous!


Post a picture of your Epiphone in action!


Suggested action includes but is not limited to playing your Epiphone on stage, at the school/mall/police station parking lot or at a venue of any kind, or in extreme action on a mountainside, skiing, snowboarding, canoeing or 20 meters underwater with full scuba gear (cool but not recommended). Anything goes! Use your imagination and be careful out there!!


Please post your images before next Monday. The contest deadline may be extended upon request or the contest terminated early if all this sucks and no one is interested. Sorry about the overlap with Gary's picture poll but I wouldn't have the time to start this thing later next week.


If there are multiple entries by Monday, the winner will be decided by a public poll next week.

For more than 9 entries I reserve the right to select the 9 finalists for the voting.


The poster of the winning original image will receive (at least):


1. Lots of respect from other forum members

2. One Epiphone guitar strap

3. Some Epiphone guitar picks

4. Who knows, maybe I'll think of something nice


Let's see some Epiphones! I'll try to contribute and post something myself by Thursday.


Contest is subject to all applicable laws and regulations wherever you are and is void where prohibited. Not affiliated with Epiphone. Prize shipped from Europe and customs declared as a gift of $2 value. The winner is responsible for the taxes, customs fees and any other expenses for receiving the prize. Contest rules may change due to demands from the forum administration.

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Are the strap and picks relic'd?


Unfortunately, no. However, they are still in the original packaging and have original Epiphone logos on them (probably customized in the secret Epiphone Custom Shop, no doubt).

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That's very sweet LongBeach. The guitar is nice as well. :-)


I don't have action-pix of my Epis. And I'm not gonna take one. Here is an old one with a lame line and a hampered hook.




It's the one on the right, Officer!!

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Good work' date=' people! If you got em, keep em coming.


LongBeach, nice to see that the Epiphones are appreciated by the younger generation! My daughter likes to help me play the Epiphones, too default_eusa_wall.gif


Well I like to start them off young...my granddaughter already appreciates Epiphones

and she's just walking. Once she's 5-6 yrs old, she'll be getting an Epiphone and

perhaps one of those little girly guitars..in shapes of hearts, butterflies etc.




I would have taken one of my EPis canoeing, but the lake is just thawing out.

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Contest over! Riley wins hands down IMHO.......Thats a very interesting inverted chord shape Riley is playing as well....clearly a musical genius!


That's very sweet LongBeach. The guitar is nice as well



So' date=' is Riley lefty? Or did you flip the photo? [/quote']




Thanks for the kind words guys!

and Gary, she's a lefty...

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Hmm, nice TRC indeed (or body) on that SG Custom ..


I got the AC/DC at Donington DVD this morning, I put it on and my son (6 months and crawling fast) listened to the music on the floor, grabbed a broom like a guitar and started rocking... now that would have been a shot for this thread.

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