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You and your Epiphone in action! (closed)


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xsinner13x' date=' Great band, great songs!! Your singer reminds me a bit of Deborah Harey(sp?) of Blondie fame.

Your style well...done whatever its called!!! You should have an album out already!![/quote']

Thank you,

EP Goes out for pressing next month once all art and layout is complete.

I like to think of it as Tequila fueled, Turbocharged rockabilly, with a twist of punk.

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Come come, let's see those pics - I forgot all about the photo myself, missed the shot at the band practice.. :)

Well, there's always the self timer, but I apologize. Yeah, that's most of me in the picture.



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The first is a Epi Dot Studio model. I had it pinstriped and upgraded to chrome hardware, Grover tuners, and

a Bigsby tremolo. I had Gibson 57 pups in it and it really sings with them! I was surprised, the epiphone stock classics come pretty close to that same tone.






This is my Les Paul Custom. I really love this guitar! The neck feels great and the tone is just awesome! upgraded with Gibson 57 classics, black hardware, Tone Pros bridge, Sperzel locking tuners, and pearloid pickguard. Thinking of putting on a black Bigsby Trem. Also thinking of rewiring to Jimmy Page specs so i can split the coils. At least i think his Les Paul can do that. If not may try out Duncan 59's 4 conductor so i can split the coils. I put my own touches on every guitar i get my hands on, but even stock, the Epi Customs are deffinatley awesome! My next Epi will be a Casino.







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Looks like Riley used to play upright bass!


I think getting kids interested in music is a real plus. For some reason children are attracted to the shine and sound of a guitar. When I was in about the 3rd grade, my dad's shop was next to another business where the owner had a band that played on a local TV show. We went over one day and all the equipment was set up where they had practiced the night before. I walked over and strummed a guitar sitting on a stand. One of the guys snuck over and flipped on the amplifier while I was lightly strumming. Suddenly a ROAR went up when the amp kicked in. My heart leaped out of my chest!! I was permanently bonded to guitar from that point on. I'll never forget my first encounter with the power of the electric guitar.

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Nice shot of my hot rodded Epi Joe Pass. joepass.jpg


I'm digging that chrome washer on the switch. The axe is pretty too' date=' that just really caught my eye for some reason. [/quote']


I actually wanted to go without a washer but the guitar was a 97 and when I got it and the finish had yellowed under the original...so I did something a little different

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Hi Layboomo,


Your mods look great!!!


Hey, is that a forest for your backyard?


Thanks...that guitar came out really nice. I literally live in the sticks.....LOL that my backyard...or should I say my dogs backyard....They love it.

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