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Last night I whipped up this little piece of background music intended for some instructional videos I make at work. 2 guitars, bass, and digital drums recorded on my little Tascam DP-01. Certainly not earthshaking by any means but I thought I'd give you guys a smirk anyway.


BTW, I think 'play at lo-fi' is the only one that works. It's what you get with the 'free' account. It (the lo-fi) really trashes the sound up, though. Believe me, my recording skills are much better than what this file sounds like and the 'original' file sounds a whole lot better. But beggars can't be choosers.





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Thanks for all the kind words, fellas. For the drums, I just used some of the preset patterns on our Alesis drum machine since I can't seem to figure out how to program my own patterns...O:)


The guitar was a 'regular' dot in which I've installed Gibson 490/498 pickups. The bass is a $200 Ibanez G200 that plays real easy.


Please don't consider the inferior recording quality of these tracks 'normal' for the Tascam DP-01. As I mentioned, the 'Soundclick' website's lo-fi upload really trashed it up. (Apparently you can get the 'hi-fi' quality if you pay some sort of membership fee).


The DP-01 really records well, as a matter of fact & is very easy to use. I mention it only because I saw where MF had them for something like $199 a couple of weeks ago & I know some of you guys probably have the next 'Stairway to Heaven' in you & just need a decent home recorder.


I plugged my guitar into a Digitech RP100 then into an ART tube pre-amp ($20 on sale at MF awhile back) directly into the recorder. No amp. The DP-01 has some amp models & I think I was using the Marshall stack, but I can't remember exactly now.


My brother & I hope to record a cd of our own material later this year. My plan is to give it away to anyone here on the forum who wants one. (I have no illusions that any of the material has any 'hit' potential but look forward to the expected fun we'll have recording it).

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Glenn, I went back after I uploaded it & tried to figure out how to do it in 'hi-fi' but apparently didn't figure it out. They give you the 'options' (free 'unrestricted' download, and a couple of other options-like if you want to charge money for it, etc). I picked 'free download' & couldn't see where I could change between 'lo-fi' & 'hi-fi'. It just said 'downloading lo-fi' or something. It 'told' me, it didn't 'ask'.


I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong.

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