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Thanks all

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I'd like to thank everyone who put up with me the past couple days while I was messing with my scratch built VJ upgrade! :D


Somewhere halfway in, I finally started wearing rubber gloves. I had a fire extinguisher in the room at the first test, but not in my hands. I still don't have a fuse in the amp, but it works; I'm looking at fuses on WattsTubeAudio.com now.


Also lay and gil should appreciate this one...




I've learned a lot over the past couple days. I'm going to plan out and draw a schematic for another amp, VJr based, and post it some time later. Next time I build something I promise I'll have a fuse in it before turning it on! :(

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The rubber gloves won't do you any good unless they are rated for some serious voltage which the rubber glove your mother washes dishes with aren't.


Just keep you head in the game when measuring your voltage...don’t get distracted.

Remember tongues and fingers are not temperature or voltage gauges and you'll be ok

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