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EVJr. vs. Vox Heritage AC15 in the studio!


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Hey Gang,


Well, I just got back from taking my Marshall/Vox mod to some recording with some old friends out in Idaho and have some great results to share.


I had called Musician's Friend to have one of the EVjr cab sent ahead of time as it would have cost about the same to ship my own trashy cab out and back and I was looking for a good excuse to get one anyway. I'd been sure to ask the other guitarist to keep the cab hooked up early in the week before I got there to break it in so I could be sure the tone wasn't going to change drastically half way through the sessions and when I arrived it was all ready to go.


So just a word about my amp to set this up - I brought my first kinda swiss cheesy Marshall mod with a bitmo tone, conjunctive filter and input, bright, C3 and Voxy C1 on switches. The first thing that I noticed when I got the rig warmed up, as others have mentioned, was how much darker it was than the V30 and Speaker Warehouse CL80 (which rocks) that I'd been using at home, closer to green back clips I've heard than what I was used to, but it sound great with my Jagmaster which is just over on the bright side of things so it kept it in check. The next thing I noticed was that the break up point was a bit further up the dial and more gradual on the Lady Luck, another pleasant surprise, because we were doing kind of an Americana thing and I was able to get the tubes working without things getting to saturated as the volume went up.


Now I was already pretty happy about how things were sounding anyway, but probably the coolest thing was that the other guitarist had borrowed one of those hand wired Vox Heritage AC15 vintage reissue combo's and as expected it was a great sounding amp, and remarkably similar in tone to what I've done with my amp, but you know what? The Evjr. sounded just as good as that 1400 dollar amp! In fact, though not as loud, maybe a little bit better, with a tighter bottom on tunes where we pushed the amps a bit harder. I have to say here for anybody wondering about this, that though I tweaked with the values of the cap, a last minute decision to put the conjunctive filter in turned to be IMHO the thing that put the EVjr truly on the same level as the AC15 as it reigns in a bit of the high end "buzz" as some guys call it - not that I don't like that, particularly playing with a band, but it gave the EVJr a kind of the "boutique" treble response that sounded great going tape - well going to the hard drive as it is these days I guess...


Right of the bat the guys were impressed with the tone response and versatility of my little amp and it was, as you all know, hugely gratifying to know that I had dialed in that tone myself - with the assistance of all the great folks here of course and thanks is again in order to all the guys like gil, laybomoo and others that are so helpful to folks coming here to learn and explore that fantastic world of tube tone.


I'll be sure to post post a clip or two with further details when we get some working rough mixies together because I must say the stereo pan of the EVJr and the Heritage AC15 became a defining feature in the the way the sound came together on this session.


So thanks for all the help always the way folks - this turned out to be one of the most satisfying recording experiences I've had because I was so pleased with the tone of that great little amp!


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yeah that's kewl alright!

And not the first time I've heard people say they find every pennys worth of tone in these things.

I certainly am happy with mine..


now I have to learn how to do the conjunctive filter.. can't let that go by.


suppose I'll be on the VVR next.


sheesh.. addiction is so addictifying!

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I'm sure I'm not the only one doing a search right now looking for details on the conjunctive filter mod. Having no luck on the particulars yet. Can you point us in the right direction? Thanks


I used the stock values from this page:




edit: looks like you'll have to copy and past the link, the BBS software truncated the whole url =D>


I put one in my scratch build VJ and another in my heavily modded production head.


I'm not really that knowledgeable on electronics theory, which is why I asked what values Zoki used.



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Hey Guys,


You know, I think I found the CF stuff on one of the threads over at SEwatt and I often have a hard time getting back to those little discoveries over there - I'll have to open up the amp to see what I ended up with, but the cap I started with was cutting too much high end, so I played around with it till I found a nice compromise. I know I was playing around with a .01, a .047, and a .0022 - just don't recall where I stopped. I started with it on a switch, but grew to like the value I ended up with so much that it's just part of the right now and I may do the same for my other mod too......


and yep TWANG - that VVR is next for me too when I can find the time....

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Yes - there it is guys - it is "that tone control" thread on sewatt as some one mentioned on a recent post there - good thread btw....




"a 10k/5watt (resistor) + an .0022uf (cap) across the OT primary"


And don't forget the earlier mention of the .022uf was an error and should have been .0022uf, but I think I ended up with a .01 or .047 because the treble roll off was too much for anything but my tele....nice on a switch if you want the extra bite option, but I opted for the radio shack 101k bright cap on a switch for the lower volume stuff and a smoother bite in conjunction with the cf when turned up a bit more - man that was a fun bunch of stuff to play with - just what I'd been after!


I know this is obvious, but as it's such an easy mod I thought I'd mention this is one to for sure keep safety first on and make darn sure the amp is unplugged before putting the cap and resistor in....


The VVR schematic is there on the FAQ at the top of the EVJr page too

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