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Vintage vs Recent Rivieras

charlie brown

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Quick question, to those of you "in the know," about Riviera's.

I was in Guitar Center in Hollywood, my last trip out to LA,

and was looking at a Vintage 65 Riviera, and noticed it felt

quite a bit heavier, than the current Korean Riviera I own, now.

They are both with the standard compensating tail piece, so it wasn't

a matter of the Vintage one, having a Bigsby, etc. to account for the

weight difference.

So, were they always heftier, back then, or could it have been

just that particular guitar, and are the Elitist Rivieras heavier, too...

than the Korean versions? I'm assuming it may be due to denser wood,

or a heftier center block...maybe maple as opposed to mahagony?

Not a big deal, really, just curious.




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Both of the above. The older Kalamazoo-made Rivieras used heavier-duty hardware (including pots and switches) as well as a denser center block of either maple or Hoduras mahogany. The newer Asian-made ones more often use a lauan center block, which is less dense and hence lighter.

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Thanks, Parabar...I plugged the Vintage one in, and it was wonderful, but I'm not sure it sustained,

any better, really, than my current one? Might have...hard to say, not having them "one on one," etc.

Also, I noticed (and had before, from photos) that the headstocks back then are a bit wider at the top

flare. As well as having the epi inlay (like the Dot and Elitist Riviera's do), as opposed to the "crown"

inlay that most Rivieras now have. Again, no big deal...just interesting.



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By the way, what colors did the vintage ones come in? I remember, and have seen "Vintage Sunburst,"

and what they called "Royal Tan," and the Red ones...seems like they were lighter red,

than the current ones, but maybe they had faded?! I see quite a few recent (Korean)

and even some Elitists, in Red, but not the Sunburst models, that often. Maybe folks

are hanging on to those? Were the more current sunburst versions limited to the Elitist line,

or did they have them in the regular line, as well. Tourquois, or Black, as well?

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