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Fake or real les paul custom ?


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Hey guys :) i got an epiphone les paul custom white about 2 months ago of a guys on ebay http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Nnilswerdna-Guitars

it all seem real; the neck is fine, the pickups have 'Epiphone' stamp on it etc.... but when i opened the pickup switch it doesn't have an epiphone stamp and the strap button came off wont screw back on. The number is EE 070902449, i have checked on guitar data base but im still not sure if its a real or fake :S please help guys.

Oh another thing is it just me or the pickguard on old epiphones starts at fret mid 21 but new epiphones stats lower on 21 :S ????


I will post some pics up 2moz =]


&& sorry im new please give me some advice =D> thank you very much

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The prices seem a bit low, but he's a PowerSeller.


Based on what he has in his store right now, they look alright.


Check "Made In" sticker, make sure it matches what the serial number says.


You could always send pictures to Gibson, if you had to.

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Of course it's fake. If it was real' date=' it'd say 'Gibson' on the headstock and it would have been made in the USA.


The giveaway is the strap button thing. Strap buttons on real Epiphones [i']never[/i] pull out.


LOL, ok RotcanX don't scare the poor guy all the way to death! He did say he was new to the forum...and yes I too get tired of "is this a fake" I have even posted "they are all fakes..everyone of them so send them to me for proper disposal"


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