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LP Standard - PUP Question


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My question is related to how the PUPs should sit beneath the strings.

When looking at the LP the PUPs are not the same height from left to right - when looking at the LP flat on a table and then looking at it from the top edge to the bottom edge (I hope this isn't confusing). The back edge is definitely lower, by probably 2 to 3 sisteenths of an inch.

Should they be the same height?? The back PUP is out by only 1 sixteenth of an inch.



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You mean they are tilted forward/back or left/right?


The springs holding the pickups in place cause the forward/backwards lean. It doesn't affect the sound, just a cosmetic issue but I've heard people sometimes replace the springs with tubing or something similar to get the pickups lie flat.


The pickups aren't adjusted flat or on the same level because they are adjusted for constant (or suitable) output level, so that the strings all play with about the same volume. You can adjust the height with the screws beside the pickup covers, go a turn either direction and try listening how it sounds.


The bridge pickup is usually closer to the strings than the neck pickup. The closer the pickup is to the strings, the more output there is - and mud as well.. you have to find a compromise you can live with.

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